The Most Interesting College of the Day (Defined)

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Why am I creating these posts?

As I slowly wean myself off my love of sports stats over the years (not sure they have taken me very far in life), I have enjoyed allowing my passion for unique colleges to expand. The sheer diversity of institutions in the U.S. is remarkable and I thought I (and maybe some of you,) might enjoy celebrating it by reading about The Most Interesting College of the Day. There is a method to the order in which these posts appear – comment if you think you know what it is.

From July 2021 to July 2022, I took a hiatus from posting these fun factoids. I had starting spend so much time on each one that I was afraid to do the next because I would not be able to maintain my same level of effort. After a year break, I realized that I might never start these up again if I did not give myself some grace and alter my approach to one that was more manageable. To provide myself with an external boundary, I shifted to a The Most Interesting College in the World – Top 10. I learned that while I may not always fully explore the most interesting colleges in the world, when I do, I always find at least 10 interesting things worth sharing. Obviously, some credit goes to the Most Interesting Man in the World