Student Comments on My Teaching

  1. Dr. Doyle, one thing I wanted to tell you was that you have really succeeded in creating a very unique class experience that challenges people to step outside their comfort zones. At first, I thought it was a little weird how we were expected to talk about our struggles/personal topics/have difficult conversations, but then I realized that it was really working. It seemed that as the semester went on, the class as a whole was less hesitant to open up and I was as well. There were certain things that I felt comfortable saying in class or in a discussion post at the end of the semester that I would have been hesitant to talk about at the beginning. I have mentioned some that being vulnerable is not one of my strengths, and I think I have improved at least a little bit in that. Thank you for challenging me this past semester.
  2. Dr. Doyle, I really appreciate how much effort you put into this class. It’s so clear to see how much you love the students and everyone you work with. Also I really admire how you are always so open about looking for continual improvement (in your class but also personally). This has been my favorite class I have ever taken!! I will never forget how fun it was to really get to know all of my classmates and feel like I can recognize them and talk to them if I run into them.
  3. Dr. Doyle, thank you. Your class was an awesome experience, and I am so glad I took it because it helped me with a lot of personal things and aided me in learning about myself. I will never forget the people in this class along with the amazing mind opening conversations we have had in four short months.
  4. Dr. Doyle, one thing I thought about telling you but never got a chance to do so is thank you for making the first class in my whole academic career that I feel has true meaning and reflects what the education system should be teaching our students. Thank you for a great class, Dr. Doyle! I will never forget that this has been the most connected class I have ever been in at Baylor. This has been a class where I feel like I know everyone and can be vulnerable and honest in our daily class discussions.
  5. Dr. Doyle, I think you are doing an awesome job with this class and in general in leadership at Baylor. You have been an awesome professor and your genuine interest in the well-being of your students and your willingness to help us goes above and beyond. You made class exciting and interesting every day. It was so refreshing to be able to come to a class where we have class discussions and activities every day.
  6. Dr. Doyle, your ability to turn a college class into a safe and welcoming environment was truly amazing. That is something that is very rare to find not only in college, but in school in general. I will never forget your class and how comfortable you helped me to feel in it.
  7. Dr. Doyle, something that I never did that I should have, was ask you to be my mentor. I had an inclination to ask you but never brought myself to do it. From the start of the class, I was able to tell the immense care that you had for your students on top of being extremely knowledgeable. I am extremely grateful to have had you as a professor. I aspire to be like you in all things I do. Thank you so much Dr. Doyle for a great semester and I am truly lucky to have gotten you as my professor. I wish you the best in all of your endeavors.
  8. Dr. Doyle, you have genuinely made such a huge impact on my life. I know that I am not the only student who is thinking this, as well. Your advice that you gave me about trying to get out of my roommate situation empowered me to actually make it happen. If it weren’t for your advice, I would’ve been stuck in a very toxic situation in my own home for another year. This is only one example of how you have helped me, but I will be forever grateful to you.
  9. Dr. Doyle, I really enjoyed how you taught the class this semester. I think the aspects of leadership are hard to be taught through tests or through reading a textbook, but giving us real-life applications or stories through a lot of the videos helped in my understanding of what we were talking about in class. I also really liked how much you cared about us your students. I have never had a teacher before giving out little snacks for everyone’s birthday, it helped cement to us that you actually cared about us as your students even though it was a little gesture.
  10. Dr. Doyle, you are the first professor that I have had at Baylor in which I truly feel you care about your students. Although some professors may claim they care about their students, actions speak louder than words and you have done an outstanding job showing your care for us through your teaching.
  11. Dr. Doyle, thank you for this semester. I very much enjoyed it and think I learned a lot in this class.  This is actually my second time in MGT 3305 because last semester I had COVID and forgot to do my two weeks’ worth of make-up work before the due date. This pretty well tanked my grade so I had to take this class over this semester. I feel like I retained much more this semester than last semester because of how you always thought up ways to make us engage with the material and understand it more deeply. So once again, thanks for this semester and I have been highly recommending you for other people to take.
  12. Dr. Doyle, I appreciate how much you care about us students. The thing that set me off the most was how you got us our favorite snacks on our birthdays and play our favorite songs at the beginning of class. That is so intentional of you and I commend you and thank you for it. You are an incredible professor and an even better man.
  13. Dr. Doyle, I appreciate your concern for my wellbeing. You are clearly a very compassionate educator and I really am grateful you have checked in with me and accommodated my situation. I also really appreciate the submission comments you put on all of the work I have done for this class. You’ve provided very relevant and helpful feedback which has helped me continue thinking about topics outside of the questions asked.
  14. Dr. Doyle, I really enjoyed this class and how welcomed you made me and everyone else feel. I almost felt like this class was an escape from the overwhelming amount of stress that I am constantly dealing with in my life.
  15. Dr. Doyle, thank you for being so understanding and kind to me with everything I’ve been through this year and giving me great advice when I needed it and being someone I could talk to my problems about because I think you were one of the only people I told what I was struggling with so thank you.
  16. I will never forget the day that Dr. Doyle acknowledged my birthday. As a student, you get distracted from the important moments in your life. Seeing that Dr. Doyle made the effort to remind students of important life moments was great to see from a professor. Most of the professors I’ve had did not make an effort to get us outside and out of the class environment, and I’m appreciative about that. Covid has made people shy and this class did a great job of opening me back up.
  17. Dr. Doyle, thanks for creating an environment where we could make friends. I had more friends in this class then I did in my whole last fall semester combined. I loved how close each and every one of us were.
  18. Dr. Doyle, I admire your passion for teaching. It is obvious that you are in the correct profession. The impact you have made on me and my fellow peers will certainly be life-long.
  19. Dr. Doyle, I’m grateful for how intentional you made discussion and conversation with my classmates. So many of my classes include walking into the room, sitting down, and listening to the professor. There isn’t time to actually meet and collaborate with fellow classmates. I loved walking into a classroom that embraced conversation and fellowship and I formed several friendships within this class that will grow further during my time at Baylor.
  20. Dr. Doyle, my anxiety has been preventing me from wanting to make new relationships. This class helped me understand the mental things I’m dealing with and I’m grateful for that. I also appreciate how you are forgiving with your students. A lot of the discussions from this class taught me the importance of forgiveness in the work environment. This way of teaching negates the fear associated with failure and pushed me to be more creative with my assignments. Overall, this class has been drastically different than most in the best way possible. Since day one, you have advocated the success of your students as your top priority and the students will never forget that.
  21. Dr. Doyle, I have loved the connections and conversations I have made with not only my classmates but the TA’s and you. This class has been one of my favorites yet in the business school! I feel like I learned a lot about myself and others. I am excited to come away from this class with a new perspective!
  22. Dr. Doyle, I loved the feeling of walking into your class. I think this may be the first and last time that I will look forward to a class I have from 4 to 5:15 pm. I was able to go to class every day looking forward to what we were going to do or discuss without having to worry about falling asleep.  This is a rare occurrence for me in a late class.
  23. Dr. Doyle, the way you laid out your class was just amazing. I remember calling my dad after the first day of class and I just thought it was so cool what we would be learning and how we would be learning it.
  24. Dr. Doyle, I will never forget how much I have liked this class. I’ve loved getting to know the people around me and having such great discussion with everyone. It has been one of my favorite classes at Baylor.
  25. Dr. Doyle, one thing I thought about telling you but never got a chance to do so is how grateful I am that even when I was so behind you still encouraged me to do my best in your class. Without your kindness and patience, I wouldn’t have regained my motivation to try and do well. Because of your help, I have completely turned my grade around. Thank you so much. I would like to stay in touch.
  26. Dr. Doyle, I will never forget the people I met and the personal growth I experienced in this class. I would not be the person that I am today without this class, so thank you, Dr. Doyle. One thing I thought about telling you but never got the chance to do so is that this class was more than just a regular class, I was able to grow in so many aspects of my life. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity of being a TA next semester, I still cannot believe it.
  27. Dr. Doyle, I really enjoyed the atmosphere that you created within the classroom. I enjoyed that you were able to create an environment that people could share differing opinions, viewpoints, and personal events, without being called out or judged in class. I thought this resulted in a very inclusive classroom environment, and helped encourage students to participate. At first, I was reluctant to share personal things with classmates I didn’t know, but as the semester progressed, I felt like I opened up to these new friends a lot more and felt a greater sense of community within our class. I really enjoyed this, and it made going to class a lot more enjoyable.
  28. Dr. Doyle, I will never forget the energy the classroom had. I could’ve been having the worst day, and somehow, I walked out with a smile. It took a few classes for us to open up to each other, but we eventually were talking and laughing before and in every class.
  29. Dr. Doyle, I will always remember the excitement of coming to each class and getting to know students I will likely work with in the future. This class is very unique out of the Baylor Business core classes, providing an opportunity to learn about leadership while genuinely connecting with your peers. This class exemplifies the Baylor Mission of empowering leaders in a caring, Christian environment. The discussion on racism, I thought this was a powerful and an engaging time, and I appreciated that this class allowed the opportunity for conversations regarding race in the Business School. The Business School typically does not talk about race relations in class, and I believe this was a great opportunity to expose Business students to these conversations. This class was a highlight of my semester.
  30. Dr. Doyle, I really enjoy your style of teaching and the flipped classroom idea in a college setting. The fact that we had no tests meant that this class was very interesting and anxiety free all the time. Props to you for running an amazing class Dr. Doyle. I never missed a single class and I enjoyed hearing others’ opinions and thoughts on a wide variety of topics.
  31. Dr. Doyle, I loved our conversations both inside and outside of the classrooms. I believe that we are learning from each other and that’s something that I admire about you. You are willing to learn from students and hear from different perspectives. You are inspirational. I don’t think I’ve said this directly to you, but I know that I’ll never forget about you nor this class! I look forward to our future conversations
  32. Dr. Doyle, I will never forget all the lessons I was taught. I learned a ton from the class material, from my peers, and the TAs. And of course, I learned so much from you Dr. Doyle. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for this class. In the beginning I assumed this was just going to be a typical class that I need as a student. And when I learned it was a flipped-classroom I was annoyed because my experienced with flipped classrooms were never fun nor engaging and they felt like a waste of time. But this class and everything about it was eye-opening. Even if a student wasn’t engaged with the class or material, I believe that everyone had a chance to learn something. Again, I’ve learned and grown so much, and I feel so much mor confident in myself as a person and as a leader. There’s a reason why I pursued a TA position for this class! I hope this next class will be just as amazing, and if not, then more amazing. And I hope those future students can have a transformational experience like I had.
  33. Dr. Doyle, I really admired how you always stayed true to yourself, even when something you believe might be controversial. We had the opportunity to talk about a lot of tough conversations in class, including racism, and you always shared your opinion while letting us know that it was definitely okay to disagree with you. I thought you provided a great environment for everyone in class to share their opinions on whatever we were talking about.
  34. Dr. Doyle, in this class I was actually able to become a better version of myself. The way you approached this class is extremely beneficial to the students you teach. This class allowed me to think about personal growth and developing the mind, spirit, and body, which I really appreciated.
  35. Dr. Doyle, this was one of my favorite classes at Baylor, and I really liked the discussions, making the class the one I looked forward to the most during the week. You’ve been the coolest professor I’ve met at Baylor.
  36. Dr. Doyle, I really appreciated how much you cared about all of us in this class. You remembered our birthdays, our favorite snacks, our favorite songs. You made each and every one of us feel seen. I think it meant so much to everyone that you remembered little details about them, and it showed how intentional you were about getting to know us as people and not just students.
  37. Dr. Doyle, thank you for creating such an awesome class where we can be vulnerable with each other and learn about ourselves in a completely different way. This class has helped me so incredibly much, and I know it has helped and will help so many other people as well. Thank you, and thank you for being such an awesome professor and truly caring about each student. I think there are definitely professors that don’t do this, and it’s honestly so refreshing having someone that truly cares and supports their students through and through.
  38. Dr. Doyle, I loved this class! I will never forget how life applicable this class was. I’m not saying that other classes aren’t important, but this was by far the best college course I have taken so far at Baylor. It taught students about themselves and others and truly valuable life lessons that would’ve never been talked about otherwise. For that, I am truly grateful.
  39. Dr. Doyle, you have been an incredible professor (and leader) to me and the rest of our class. I really appreciate your vulnerability and I enjoyed hearing all about your life throughout the semester. I also appreciated the birthday and half-birthday gifts you gave to all of us, that was so kind. This has been one of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken, and it has made a huge impact on me. Many classes at Baylor don’t focus on relationships with classmates and that’s something I enjoyed about this one. I learned so much about myself that has helped me understand myself and my future better.
  40. Dr. Doyle, I will never forget the attention and dedication that you had for your students. I enjoyed how I was able to be open and vulnerable with you throughout the course. I enjoyed the ability to talk about meaningful topics without fear of being disowned. Dr. Doyle, thank you for getting me through this hard semester. I am grateful to have had your understanding and care this semester.