Feedback from Supervisors and Superiors

  1. Jeff is a bright and motivated individual who is technically proficient and knowledgeable in a number of areas. His ability to analyze information and connect the dots far exceeds any staff member I have worked with. Baylor vice president and supervisor
  2. You possess the rare and exceptionally valuable ability to tease out relationships from empirical data and then explain those relationships clearly and succinctly to lay audiences. Baylor academic dean
  3. Jeff has good insight into how others work together and this often allows him to predict/assess what approach will work best in a situation. Jeff has good insight into other’s intentions and this helps his decision-making process. Appalachian State supervisor
  4. Jeff is thoughtful and logical and often supported by “best practices.” Jeff takes feedback to heart and works at improving on areas identified. Jeff is super at working under pressure and reacting appropriately. Jeff is terrific at being reliable, trustworthy, and dependable. Jeff challenges me to stay current in a good way. Jeff openly shares his differences in opinion with me which helps me reconsider my ideas. Shenandoah vice president and supervisor
  5. Jeff is the ideal work colleague – he takes initiative, thinks deeply about what he does, and produces quality work on time (usually ahead of time!) Jeff has quickly built strong and mutually supportive relationships with all our faculty and staff. Jeff has boundless energy, a good sense of humor, and thus commands, and has clearly earned, the respect of all of us. Federal Executive Institute director and supervisor
  6. Jeff completes tasks well ahead of the timetable set for the task. Jeff made the effort to get to know each staff member and the place the staff member has in the organization. Jeff is open and outgoing and his natural curiosity, organizational skills, good instincts, desire to perform well, and receptiveness to suggestions are among his strengths. Info. Tech. & Comm. associate director and supervisor
  7. Overall, Jeff performs at a level that often exceeds expectations. He’s taken initiative in several areas that go beyond what’s expected of him. He has done a remarkable job of dealing with tough situations and he rises above negativity. He has demonstrated an ability to maintain a professional, positive, and respectful relationship with difficult people. Eastern Mennonite director and primary supervisor
  8. Jeff meets with individual students to create individual goals and provide feedback. Jeff has a keen sense of humor that is greatly appreciated. Jeff gets important messages across when presenting, without being dull or boring. Jeff works with minimal supervision and is very innovative in creative problem-solving. Jeff shows professionalism, flexibility, and the leadership that makes him an excellent asset to an organization. U. of Virginia Office of Community Service executive director
  9. Jeff is an integral part of the leadership team and he work is critical to our success as a division. Of special note is his ability to help staff identify and develop strategies for addressing areas of improvement and new initiatives. Jeff is adept at managing multiple projects and lead a staff who possess a wide variety of strengths. Baylor vice president and supervisor
  10. In the years that Jeff Doyle and I worked together at Baylor, I found him to be personable, knowledgeable, and insightful. As a senior administrator in both student life and academic affairs, he was able to help Baylor move the needle in meaningful and impactful ways. I have every confidence that he can help any institution or organization to do the same. Baylor academic dean
  11. Jeff does a really good job communicating with others. He keeps others up-to-date on issues in his area and how decisions are arrived at. He works hard to listen to his staff, so he can be a strong advocate for them. Jeff is a very strong supervisor and student development professional. He has the potential to be anything he sets his sights on. Appalachian State supervisor
  12. Jeff is always prepared and speedy with work for staff and students. He is forward-looking and models approaches to staying current.  Jeff is a valued, highly skilled colleague. He models and inspires me to create a better student affairs division. Shenandoah vice president and supervisor
  13. Jeff’s work is well documented, carefully analyzed, and accurate. He has never missed a deadline. He demonstrates a very mature work style. Jeff’s interpersonal style is natural and easy. He communicates easily and well with people and they respect and enjoy working with him. One of Jeff’s best features is his willingness to take initiative. His observations are right on the mark and his ideas well worth considering. Jeff has a strong work ethic. Jeff is a tribute to your doctoral program. We consider Jeff much more a member of the faculty than a doctoral intern. Federal Executive Institute director and supervisor
  14. Jeff’s integrity, organizational skills, willingness to tackle any task, good problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and receptiveness to suggestions are his strengths. Jeff participated in high-level management meetings and discussions. Jeff completed all the tasks assigned to him thoroughly and on time, many tasks being completed well ahead of the timetable set for the task. Jeff asks good questions when he needs clarification, and then proceeds to not only to do what is expected, but often makes suggestions for improvements, going beyond what is expected. He gets along well with everyone with whom he works. He should be an asset to any organization. Info. Tech. & Comm. associate director and supervisor
  15. I am impressed with Jeff both professionally and personally. He is a conscientious individual able to combine vision and action to carry through programs. He enjoys responsibility and accepts feedback well. He is an over-achiever, striving to always do more. Jeff is outgoing and personable, making him popular with students, faculty, and staff. One of Jeff’s greatest strengths is to work with people where they are. Eastern Mennonite vice president
  16. Jeff Doyle is one of the outstanding young professionals in today’s world of student affairs. He has the ability to manage staffs and budgets, in addition to his counseling and people-oriented skills. I have found his “package” to be rare among young professionals. Not to be overlooked is that this young man has the integrity, the character, and the values that make him a match for many institutions. I also consider Jeff a wonderful public relations spokesperson. U. of Virginia doctoral professor
  17. Jeff has my professional admiration and abiding respect for his knowledgable, indefatigable service as Baylor’s Dean for Student Learning and Engagement. In particular, his steadfast support of our thriving faculty-in-residence initiative, and the more general advocacy he brought to academic and student life partnerships, enabled many exemplary successes through the years. It would be difficult to identify other initiatives at Baylor that singularly yielded greater impact upon student outcomes–whether retention, graduation, placement, or satisfaction with educational experience–than the faculty-led residential communities that Jeff superintended. His contributions and successes in service to our shared aspirations are much appreciated! Baylor academic dean
  18. I want you to know that I have been and continue to be blessed and affirmed by getting to work with you. You are an amazingly gifted leader and colleague. I can feel the impact of your work around campus. I am truly grateful for all of the gifts you have shared with me – your constant desire to learn and grow has been such a model for me ever since I have known you. Baylor assistant vice president
  19. Jeff has been a key supporter of the division’s cultural humility initiative encouraging staff development programs as well as engaging with diverse students to assist them in maximizing their Baylor experience. Furthermore, staff in his areas of responsibility reflect to a higher degree the diversity of the broader student population. Baylor vice president and supervisor
  20. Jeff has a penchant for innovation and is adept at analyzing and synthesizing complex issues drawing on datadriven decision making models. He focuses on quality in all aspects of his work. Baylor vice president and supervisor
  21. Jeff is a life-longer learner who continuously seeks new knowledge so that he can grow in his professional skills and abilities. Furthermore, he contributes to the body of knowledge in our field through authoring publications, presenting workshops, and participating in site reviews. Baylor vice president and supervisor
  22. I want to express my deepest thanks for the very thoughtful award that you submitted for me. I count it a blessing that I have the opportunity to work along your side. Thanks for all your work as a professional. I am deeply grateful for our friendship. Baylor academic director
  23. Thank you for making my retirement events two of the most wonderful experiences that anyone has ever done for me. I shall never forget the fact that you took the time and effort to make everything go so well. I was truly overwhelmed, humbled, and very appreciative. I know how painful and difficult these events were to put together. Thanks so much for acknowledging my retirement in this way. Appalachian State supervisor
  24. Jeff is a voracious reader and has a perceptive eye. He comments on all kinds of work products, faculty papers, and Institute efforts – and his comments and suggestions are on point, positive, and unfailingly make our work products and services better. Anyone would be proud and lucky to have Jeff in their organization. I know we have been. Federal Executive Institute director and supervisor
  25. Jeff’s strong interpersonal skills and excellent eye for potential missed details, along with an ability to ask tough questions, yet in a gentle way, is appreciated. Jeff has a careful, thorough work style. He ability ask penetrating questions have been of great value to us and his wonderful sense of humor make him a delight to have on the staff. Jeff’s ability to draw conclusions and analyze comments in a thorough synthesis of end of program evaluations added value. Federal Executive Institute director and supervisor
  26. Jeff approaches each task with careful attention to high quality and detail. He works quickly, requires almost no supervision, and produces work products that always respond to the needs and standards we have set. The level of quality would be valuable enough, but I want to add that Jeff goes well beyond formal work assignments. Federal Executive Institute director and supervisor
  27. Jeff is consistently going beyond the baseline of expectations. He does a good job prioritizing and completing projects by deadlines. Jeff is very reliable. He follows through when he volunteers to or is assigned to complete a task. He works well independently and is focused on the appearance and quality of his work. Jeff shows versatility and flexibility in his work. He’s cooperative with the staff when working as a group. Eastern Mennonite director and primary supervisor
  28. Jeff asks pertinent questions and takes ownership of projects. He communicates directly and effectively with all levels of staff. Jeff is thorough in his work. He’s well organized and able to perform high quality work with little supervision. He recognizes the need to check-in on things for clarification and/or direction. Eastern Mennonite director and primary supervisor
  29. Jeff’s performance can be described as sincere, energetic, and effective. Jeff is a self-starter and enjoys moving ahead with his own ideas. He does not require a great deal of supervision and has also provided support to other staff members by sharing ideas and encouragement. He is a strong leader yet works collaboratively in a group setting. Jeff regularly offers new and different ideas for making improvements to our department. Eastern Mennonite director and primary supervisor
  30. Jeff has demonstrated a positive, caring attitude with students, myself, and others. He is interested in the lives of others and encourages them. Jeff keeps me informed of important situations under his leadership. I believe Jeff uses good judgment in handling situations. Jeff is supportive of organizational policies. He is quite respectful and courteous of all on campus. He brings a professional attitude which is evident in his appearance and demeanor. Eastern Mennonite director and primary supervisor
  31. Jeff is enthusiastic about his work, conscientious, detail oriented, self-motivated, organized, and possesses strong interpersonal skills. Jeff has the ability to mediate and resolve conflict and developed programs to meet the diverse needs of students. He has mentored many students. Jeff has a positive and caring attitude for those with whom he works. Eastern Mennonite director and primary supervisor
  32. Jeff has a personal and professional enthusiasm that challenges and motivates those that serve with him. He has contributed much to my professional development. Jeff demonstrates consistency in his leadership but is also flexible when pertinent information comes to him. Jeff speaks articulately with clarity and confidence. Jeff uses reasoned foresight to communicate well. Jeff is a good listener and has the ability to be both challenging and supportive. Eastern Mennonite director and secondary supervisor
  33. Jeff is a personable, outgoing individual with a wide variety of interests. He has a good sense of his abilities, his needs, and his direction in both his personal and professional life. Jeff is a hardworking professional who is dedicated to the individuals with whom he associates. Eastern Mennonite director and secondary supervisor
  34. Thanks for all your hard work this year with leadership programming. Your ideas and your energy are an inspiration to me and they help to keep me accountable professionally. I am proud to work with you at EMU. Thanks for all that you given to me and EMU. Eastern Mennonite director and secondary supervisor, 1996
  35. Your enthusiasm and commitment to learning are inspirational! You have made an enormous impact in your two years here. You are a talented and gifted young man. Thank you for sharing your gifts and your life with EMU. Eastern Mennonite director and secondary supervisor, 1996
  36. Jeff has been an exceptional intern and accomplished a number of significant things. Jeff was helpful filling in for me often. If there were a position in Career Development here, we would strongly consider hiring Jeff! U. of Lynchburg director and supervisor
  37. Jeff is a likable individual who develops rapport easily with others. He is respected by his superiors and subordinates. He is a team player and his loyalty is known and appreciated. Jeff will be an asset to any institution. U. of Virginia master’s professor