Feedback From Direct Reports at Appalachian State

In a summary review from my direct reports, the following things were anonymously written in response to “what do you appreciate about Jeff?

  1. Your drive to succeed
  2. You don’t take yourself too seriously
  3. Your strong belief in your abilities
  4. Your research and writing skills
  5. You are fiscally responsible  
  6. You find balance in life
  7. You generate so many great ideas
  8. You are constantly learning
  9. Your sense of humor
  10. Your willingness to work hard
  11. Your listen to people first
  12. You are an excellent public speaker
  13. Your help the team set a vision
  14. You are well organized
  15. You are a sweet guy beneath the surface
  16. Your staff knows that you care about them
  17. You take projects from beginning to end
  18. You stay current in professional trends
  19. You quickly shift gears in a meeting
  20. You challenge staff to explore new thinking
  21. Your dedication to personal wellness
  22. You focus on your family
  23. Your love for your children

I just returned from a conference on leadership. Over the 5 days of the institute, I realized something. Everything you did with me when I worked for you, what you did for our department and the university, were exactly the type of leadership and management we needed.  You were RIGHT on target with how a supervisor should engage with their staff. I want to say THANK YOU for providing that leadership to me. You are one of the few leaders that I can say taught me the BEST and you are on my LIST of great supervisors and leaders. I hope you continue to provide the same experience, care, teaching, and mentorship that you provided to me.

Jeff continues to move the department forward in new ways of thinking and doing things. Jeff pays attention to us as individuals and people, not just employees. Jeff is willing to share his personal life with us as appropriate.

Jeff gets things done. He is an action person. He takes criticism well. He is good at follow-up. Jeff shows compassion and caring. He is a fantastic leader for us.

Jeff reads constantly and keeps current with regional and national association publications. He is dedicated to his staff and their development. He is value-driven and always available to staff.

I learn so much in reporting to Jeff. He is the exact mentor I need at this time in my life. I am so impressed with his leadership. Jeff has built a strong team and is a very personable, caring individual with an interest in his staff at all levels.

You are so successful! I am in amazement to see how you handle work and home. You put so much thought into everything. I enjoy working with you, you make my job easy. Thanks for everything.

You have had a major impact on me as a professional. You are able to multi-task and accomplish more in a given day that most people. Your character is evident in your high ethics and decision-making ability. You are destined for greatness and you will move forward any university by providing outstanding vision and leadership.

Jeff has great vision and is a strong administrator. He is often contributing to our professional field by writing and being published. He is excellent when it comes to collaborating with others on campus. I enjoy Jeff as a supervisor. He is a great mentor and has made me a stronger professional. Jeff is a super hard worker and I admire him for everything.

Jeff has a strong work ethic, is a continuous learner, excellent collaborator, and is articulate. His leadership challenges others to grow as professionals.

Jeff demonstrates vision and leadership in promoting change. He has a democratic leadership style and gives autonomy to staff. Jeff is willing and able to address problems and develops strong collaborative relationships across campus.

Jeff’s heart and desire to excel is clearly evident. He wants to continually strengthen the department and shows compassion to others. He wants me to be successful and for his staff to enjoy their jobs. Jeff has so much to contribute.

Jeff is an excellent investigator. He is intentional with his questions to assist with timely completion of projects and decisions that need to be made. Jeff is a strong facilitator of our goals and their achievement. He keeps the team in the mindset of promoting and making positive change. He keeps the larger picture in mind. Jeff offers strong developmental opportunities in writing, publishing, and presenting. Jeff is a caring individual and this is evident. He always asks me how I am doing and offers appropriate support.

As we close out the year and prepare to start a new one, I want to take a moment to thank you for all you have done for me, the staff, and the department. I admire your ability to face each day and each challenge with such professionalism and a positive attitude. You have truly helped to elevate the department on many levels. I have appreciated your support and understanding this year. Thanks again for all that you have done and for being a great role model for our staff.

You listen to my concerns and advocate for me and the other staff. You help our department work as one team and help to create a positive work environment. I continue to be impressed by your creativity and how you think big and don’t let negatively or roadblocks hold you back. You effectively communicate information from above you. 

You continue to push us as to why we are here and think about how we align our work with the rest of the university goals. You disseminate information well. You are a good sport and allow the staff to have fun when this is needed.

Jeff is strong at visioning and planning ahead. He has brought intentionality and purpose to his department. Jeff is organized and has a knack for detail. Jeff makes connections to develop personal relationships. He listens to other perspectives and makes them feel valued. Jeff is a good communicator – he keeps us informed and seeks information from us.

Jeff has a great memory and is good with names. His flexibility with deadlines is appreciated. He has a passion for student success and is dedicated to his staff, department and the university. Jeff is inclusive of everyone and is equitable in how he treats others.  

Jeff easily compliments others’ performances. He supports his staff and pushes them to achieve more. Jeff works hard to bring new knowledge to the table. He never misses an opportunity to teach a group to tackle difficult questions. Jeff is willing to challenge his staff out of concern for the well-being of the staff or others. He called me out on attitude and I needed the reality check.

Jeff’s major strengths lie in assessment, research, intentionality, and developmental approaches. He values feedback and uses it to produce the most effective project. Jeff is very supportive and much of my job satisfaction is due to him as a supervisor. I feel valued as he acknowledges and accommodates by personal life. 

One of Jeff’s top strengths is his desire to interact with students – his door is always open. He offers assistance with almost any project they are working on. Jeff is almost always positive with regards to difficult situations. Jeff is very well read and a knowledgeable professional to whom I can turn to for leadership advice and operational management. He has worked with us to identify effective department goals and is helping to meet these goals.

Jeff’s strengths are critical thinking and pragmatic approaches to situations, action-oriented problem solving and support, advocating for staff needs, researching current trends in higher education, seeking conflict resolution and win-win approaches. Jeff does not get overly emotional and logical works through decisions that need to be made. Jeff does a good job of supporting his staff and this is invaluable as an employee. 

Jeff is exceptional at providing supervision, updates, and professional development. Jeff makes it a point to get out and talk to graduate and undergraduate student staff. Jeff does a great job managing crisis situations. Jeff is a true teacher and provides on-going feedback to staff to help them improve their skills. Jeff is a first-rate representative of the department and carries himself in a professional manner that indirectly challenges others to carry themselves the same way. Jeff is the only person in our department on top of vital and new information as it relates to our work. 

Jeff is always open to new ideas. This willingness allows staff to brainstorm, develop, and initiate new ideas. Jeff creates a think-tank environment where we can be creative. Jeff’s support of my ideas has really made me feel like a true professional!

Jeff is organized, able to quantify information easily, and is open to input from everyone. Jeff adjusts his supervisory style to the needs of his staff.

Jeff is a good supervisor. He makes time for me when I need it. Jeff is intent on making life better for students. By keeping up with the trends, Jeff has a good idea of what may be coming up next with students and being proactive about it. Jeff is good at continuing to move us forward as a group. Jeff has formed a close staff team and we have accomplished a lot.

Jeff does a very good job supervising me. He has provided excellent support and challenged me to take on bigger roles this year. Jeff does a good job of allowing staff to do their jobs. Jeff is strong in his follow-up to crises. When Jeff relays information in stressful times, he has a calm and methodical approach that helps defuse tense situations.

Jeff encourages us to include students in our decision-making process and models this by trying to involve students on a wide range of issues/decisions. Jeff does an excellent job answering student, staff and parent questions. Jeff’s decisions clearly reflect group discussions and he is willing to ‘go to bat’ for his staff and helped us learn how to best present our thoughts and ideas to others. 

Jeff’s dedication to mission, vision, values, and learning outcomes have helped shape our staff training and work. I am continually impressed by Jeff’s administrative organization and ability to complete tasks in a timely manner. Jeff challenges me to delegate appropriately and encourages me to tap into my team’s strengths to accomplish big tasks.

Jeff is an encourager. He takes time to learn about my goals and ideas, then provides support and follow-up. Jeff’s support for me has had a huge positive impact on my success. Jeff is an incredible resource and sounding board. When I have questions or ideas, I know Jeff will know where to start and who to approach.

You are an impressive person and professional. I have learned many tangible and philosophical things from you this past year that will undoubtably alter my future. You work very hard to make Appalachian Premier! Thank you for the energy you have put towards me.

Thanks for everything. I have learned so much from you this year. Thanks for planting in me the seeds of 1) Being true to myself, 2) Expanding my professional limits, and 3) Appreciating reading non-textbooks.

Jeff balances being a hands-off supervisor with staying the loop. He is almost everyone’s information resource on higher education issues. He is continually routing articles to our staff and other colleagues. Jeff is always willing to listen to others’ points of view. 

Jeff instills confidence in me to make decisions. Jeff is an advocate for quality of life issues. Jeff role models a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Jeff does a good job at helping new staff feel welcome and integrated in to our team. Jeff has solid listening skills. He also helps me to focus on the bigger picture and increase my knowledge of and focus on future planning.

Jeff is organized and has a knack for detail. Jeff is good at finding shared interests or other commonalities with others to make a connection and go deeper with people.  He is great at knowing other’s names. Jeff brings intentionality and purpose to his work. Jeff has good energy and attitude and helps to keep the environment light and fun at times.

Jeff has a calm and unshaken demeanor when others make demeaning, shocking, hurtful, or unprofessional comments to him. He takes the high road and remains professional and confident in his response. Jeff will take responsibility for things that were not his decision and therefore take the heat for things that he is only relaying. 

Jeff knows the names of over 150 student staff in addition to many more graduate and full-time staff. He is high-spirited at events and works to bring levity to meetings when appropriate.

Jeff is flexible and understanding when deadlines are sometimes not met. He is fair minded when other priorities emerge that take precedent.

Jeff is impressive administratively. He keeps tabs on all the different projects going on and helps us stay on top of them. Jeff implements periodic due dates and check in meeting to make sure progress is occurring. He is attune to key details.

Jeff is a great role model and supervisor. He has the ability to read, read, and read more articles than I even have time to find! I feel like I can speak to Jeff when I need to and I know he will give me the room to grow and work independently.

Jeff’s administrative practices are exceptional and his follow through and timeliness are exemplary. His is emotionally consistent and has a wonderful approach to professional development for himself and his staff. Jeff is a fun personality and his great laugh allows for a fun and uplifting atmosphere in which to work. 

Jeff is confident in his decision making and is a great leader with instincts that are on target. Jeff has a great attitude and positive outlook on the work we do and the potential we each have.  Jeff is very visible and available. While the >150 staff where in line waiting for their end of year dinner, Jeff shook everyone of their hands and greeting each of them.

Jeff has a tremendous work ethic and is very efficient with his time. He is good at holding staff accountable to his expectations and their job responsibilities. He does not shy away from tough conversations. She is a very good supervisor with an ability to identify people’s strengths and capitalize on them.

Jeff has a good understanding of himself; his beliefs, values, and philosophy. He is very ethical. He has a tireless focus on professional development.

Jeff is a good advisor to committees but also a strong administrator in chairing committees. Jeff has built positive connections across campus and provides/encourages opportunities for me to do as well. 

I appreciate all your support and encouragement and time that you have invested in me in order to make me a stronger professional. You are inclusive in your leadership. You are a peacemaker and supportive of staff wanting to learn new things