Feedback from Colleagues and Peers

  1. I wanted to let you know that I have always been so impressed with you.  I met you as a young professional when you visited OU for the Big XII Meeting (and I was lucky to take notes during that time) and then meeting with you in subsequent meetings, you always had an incredible presence about you. My good friend worked with you at Appalachian and he would also talk about the leader you were when he worked with you and how you lead with care and love. I was able to read your blog and appreciate your extensive journey through higher education, even before you were in higher education.  Especially loved the “Vulnerability and Fun” section.  Used some of what I read today in one of my leadership team meetings. You will continue to do great things.  Thanks for showing incredible humility in all you do and showing gratitude in the way you live your life. I think the thing that maybe stuck out most to me was your “Shoulders You Stand On” section.  The fact that you honor those people in that way and how you acknowledge their space in your journey is a great reminder that we never do this alone and I hope that many of those people in the list will continue to help you along the journey. Big XII university administrator
  2. I first met Jeff when I was serving as Dean of Student Affairs at Stephen F. Austin State University. We both served on the Texas Deans of Students Council. Jeff was a leader in that group, and I learned a tremendous amount from him. He was easily one of the most respected Deans in the State of Texas. But while his skill set is impressive, it’s his commitment to students that sets him even further apart. He would be a tremendous asset to any institution fortunate enough to hire him. Former dean of a Texas university
  3. I worked with Jeff on several committees at Baylor. He is a data driven, creative thinker as well as a caring Christian man. He was always the first to give a well thought out differing opinion which caused committees to better analyze the topic of conversation. He also taught a course in the Business School, and the students enjoyed the new ideas and ways of learning that he brought into the classroom. He genuinely cared about his students and their success. Baylor academic associate dean
  4. Jeff is a strategic thinker and has helped me communicate my organization’s effectiveness more clearly. He has specifically worked with me to develop measurable outcomes for my work and done so with a positive outlook and collegial spirt. Baylor faculty colleague and director
  5. You are a man seeking to be a great leader – and you should know – that we know – you are doing this well. I know this not only through observation but through conversations with others. You stand tall and brave, sincere and empathetic, with conviction and purpose. Nobility comes to mind. Thank you for walking well – humble, willing to be corrected/convicted and courageously. You are quite practiced at being committed to speaking the truth in love. This, my friend, is rare indeed. Baylor faculty colleague
  6. When I first met Jeff Doyle many years ago, and continuing to this day, I was impressed by his dynamic, energetic, and tireless personality; by his servant-leadership approach to every task; and by his commitment and devotion to his faith. Later, I had several opportunities to watch him interact with his children at the Waco Family YMCA pool, and I was immediately impressed by his caring, encouraging, and devoted parenting. I am very blessed to know him.  Baylor faculty colleague
  7. Jeff is a dedicated teacher who changes students’ lives for the better. He is also an efficient and results-oriented higher ed administrator who works hard to help his colleagues succeed. Baylor academic assistant director
  8. In my role supporting instructional and learning technology at Baylor University, I had the pleasure of interacting with Dr. Doyle on numerous occasions. I considered Jeff to be a most knowledgeable, capable, and dedicated colleague, always striving to ensure an engaging, Christian-focused educational environment for our Baylor students. I appreciated Jeff as an ally in our mission to provide technology in both the physical and virtual classrooms to enhance and enrich, but not detract from the learning experience for students. I also enjoyed his well-researched and articulate reflections on student success and engagement and found them to be a compelling introspective of our higher education system.  I believe Jeff’s analytical and leadership skills will serve him well in any endeavor he chooses to pursue. Baylor assistant vice president
  9. You’re a natural at delivering Jeff! Thank you so much for your presentation last evening, as well as all the time you put into preparing. Your heart is in your work and God is clearly guiding you – I feel it, others feel it. Thank you for believing in this work. Baylor academic unit director
  10. I have enjoyed working with you. I like the way you encourage creativity and the way you engage your team in reflecting and planning. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I am grateful to call you my friend. Baylor academic assistant director
  11. I appreciate working with you the past 8 years. I have seen your leadership become even more personal, reflective and caring over this time. You have a made a big difference at Baylor & in the lives of students. Thanks for your leadership. Baylor assistant director
  12. One thing I appreciate about you is that you seem to be “without guile.” You say what you are thinking in a straightforward way. Baylor academic unit director
  13. I want to express my gratitude for your encouraging email. I received it on a day that was very discouraging, so your words meant a great deal to me. I appreciate all the actions you have taken to support students who have experienced sexual assault. Thank you for your support and encouraging words. Baylor colleague
  14. I have been hearing so many good things about you, as folks in many places sing praises to your work, many kindnesses, thoughtfulness, and contributions to Baylor. Folks appreciate the good work you do, and they are largely unaware of how hard you work to grow into your leadership role. It should be that way, that not everyone should know all that goes into your goodness, that most people just see the beneficiaries. But others should know, and as someone who knows just a little, I am very grateful for it. Baylor faculty colleague
  15. I’ve known Jeff for a number of years and have witnessed his positive impact in a variety of settings throughout his roles at Baylor University (and even co-coaching a youth basketball team together!) Jeff’s dedication to higher education and student success is unflagging and he cares deeply about service and improving himself while helping all those around him to do the same. Baylor academic associate dean
  16. You were amazing at Baylor and I thought you did a great job leading the ITS/Libraries Advisory Board.  I loved the meetings and your energy. You are talented and will bring a lot to wherever you go! Baylor faculty member
  17. I genuinely feel that Jeff is a person who should be saluted. When he reached out on behalf of the university asking me to contact my student, he professionally encouraged me to just do what I could…and then took time to reward me for the efforts.  So–this ‘Salute’ is for Jeff!  Thank you, Jeff, and all the best as we enter another challenging semester. Baylor faculty member
  18. As we entered the fall 2020 semester there were many unknowns. How would we care for a new population of Baylor Bears (online-only) students? How would we stay connected to our online-only students who were living all across the United States and world? How would we show them that the Baylor spirit extended beyond the walls of Baylor to their homes where they were doing remote learning? As we were finalizing plans for the student experience this fall, Dr. Jeff Doyle gladly accepted the challenge of leading the effort to serve our online-only students. He dove into a brand-new student population, got close to understand the need, and helped to give voice to their experiences with both student life and academic affairs. Dr. Jeff Doyle met weekly with our online-only students this fall in both group meetings and also offered office hours to individually get to know the students. With Dr. Doyle’s expertise in data and analysis, he utilizes data gathered from the New2BU Survey and an online-only student survey to understand the student experience. He widely shared the feedback from these surveys with campus partners who could use the data to help inform their programs and services for our online-only students. Dr. Doyle also helped to foster a group of student leaders from the online-only students who are now helping to give shape to the online-only student experience for spring 2021. This team is called the Baylor Online Only Student-leader Team (BOOST). I had the honor of attending a few of these fall meetings with Dr. Doyle, and it was evident to me that the students felt cared for and heard based on Dr. Doyle’s investment of time and energy into their student experience. Even until the very end of the fall semester, he was encouraging them on their journey by hosting a virtual secret Santa gift exchange for the students. To summarize Dr. Doyle’s investment into the online-only student experience, I asked two of the students who worked with Dr. Doyle to share about their experience: ‘By far, Dr. Doyle is one of the most influential people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He has done a fantastic job getting us together weekly. His trust in us pushed us to get out there and make a change. Thank you so much, Dr. Doyle, for making this semester so memorable; I look forward to learning more from you these next couple of years.’ – Mariam Eid, Freshman, Biology Major, online-only fall 2020 & ‘What I love most about Dr. Doyle is that he always keeps the well-being of us students in mind. He really is just a genuinely kind individual, and it’s contagious. I am so thankful for everything he’s done and continues to do for us students. :)’ -Cyril Pillai, Junior, Bioinformatics major, online-only fall 2020. I’m thankful Dr. Doyle went above and beyond to show care for our online-only students this fall. He was a light for many of our students in a very challenging and tough semester. Thanks to his investment many of these students will be joining us this spring as they continue their Baylor journey.” Baylor academic senior director
  19. Jeff is one of the finest higher education professionals I have never met. Not only is he organized and efficient, but he is very creative; though I come from a different profession and perspective, I was always struck by how much I agreed with his programmatic ideas–always innovative and always student-centered. I was also struck by Jeff’s essential decency, his commitment to compassion and to people.” Appalachian State former colleague and faculty member
  20. Thank you for your active involvement and valuable contributions to the revision of the general education curriculum. Your experience, enthusiasm, and expertise were critical to the successful development and adoption of this new core curriculum. Shenandoah faculty colleague
  21. Jeff, thank you for your service to Eastern Mennonite. I think you had one of the hardest jobs on campus managing our only all male residence hall. I think you have done a great job. I know it has been hard at times, especially when you were the subject of vandalism to your apartment, car, etc. I think you have shown great strength and character through it all. Eastern Mennonite needed a strong leader like you in this role. Our university and the students who met you will be impacted for years to come. Eastern Mennonite supervisor of grounds
  22. We knew you when… It has been good working with you, brother. God is using you in beautiful ways. You work so hard and have accomplished some significant things over the past three years. Thanks for all you do. Eastern Mennonite staff colleague