The Most Interesting College of the Day! – Ouachita Baptist University – May 25,

Ouachita Baptist University. How would you like to attend a college that no one except for its alumni can pronounce? There are only a few English words that begin with “oua” and the most common is “ouabain” which as we all know, means a “cardiac glycoside.”

Perhaps the best outcome we can hope for today is that you know how to pronounce “Ouachita” = “Wah-shi-tah”. The only thing that makes sense is the “ta”.

To add to this, Ouachita Baptist is located in a town that is the child of Arkansas and Philadelphia = Arkadelphia! (Arkansas.)

At least their mascot is not too complicated – the Tigers.

However, their mascot may be a child of the LSU Tiger.

The university was formed in 1886 and has ~1,670 students. 94% of students live on campus – there is no Greek Life permitted.

Famous alumni – Mike Huckabee (Presidential candidate and political commentator), Doak Campell (created Florida State U out of Florida College for Women and served as President there. FSU’s football stadium is named after him.)


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