The Most Interesting College of the Day! – Marion Military Institute – May 20

“Marion Military Institute (MMI) is the nation’s oldest military junior college tracing its origin back to 1842. Marion Military Institute is one of 4 military junior colleges in the US and a member of the Alabama Community College System. About 40% of MMI’s cadets pursue a civilian career. Others work toward receiving an appointment to 1 of the 5 U.S. Service Academies. Unique to the 4 military junior colleges is the Early Commissioning Program, which provides an avenue for qualified students to earn a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant after receiving their associate’s degree to serve in either the National Guard or the US Army Reserve.

MMI was one of the first schools in the south to establish a student government association as well as an honor system, both of which are still very much a part of the Corps today. At one point, former President William Howard Taft served as President of the Board of Directors.

MMI was a private institution that included both a high school and a junior college governed by a Board until 2006 when the Alabama legislature merged the institute into the Alabama Community College System.”

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