The Most Interesting College of the Day! The most northern college in the U.S. – May 21

Ilisagvik College in Alaska. They are located 3 miles north of Top of the World Hotel and 6 miles south of the Northernmost Point in the U.S. It is located in Utqiagvik which until 2017 was called Barrow. There are <10 universities in Alaska and Ilisagvak is Alaska’s only tribal college. They were “founded to primarily serve the residents of the North Slope Borough, America’s largest and most northern municipality. The intent of its founders was to provide an education based on the Iñupiaq cultural heritage. The basis for all Iḷisaġvik’s educational programs is the rich foundation of a subsistence culture in harmony with the land and seas that give it sustenance. There are just under 1,000 students and 71 faculty or staff.

Some of their values include:
Qiksiksrautiqaġniq Iñuuniaġvigmun – Respect for Nature
Paammaaġiigñiq – Cooperation
Piqpakkutiqaġniq suli Qiksiksrautiqaġniq Utuqqanaanun Allanullu – Love and Respect for Our Elders and One Another
Quvianġuniq – Humor
Nagliktuutiqaġniq – Compassion
Qiñuiññiq – Humility
Paaqtaktautaiññiq – Avoidance of Conflict


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